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Spinal Fixation System
The Zodiac™ Spinal Fixation System is a comprehensive spinal fusion system intended for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, spine trauma and deformity.
Key Features & Benefits
  • Polyaxial screws allow up to 76° of variability in the axial plane and up to 60° of variability in the sagittal plane.
  • Sacral Screws allow up to 60° of variability in the axial plane and up to 76° of variability in the sagittal plane to accommodate extreme L5-S1 angles.
  • Uniplanar screws have up to 76° of variability in the sagittal plane only
  • Screw design features a unique bushing mechanism which creates a frictional fit that keeps the screw head stationary during rod placement
  • Rod Capture Mechanism is designed to prevent rod migration upon initial insertion
  • The closure mechanism consists of a one-piece inner set screw with a buttress-thread pattern to help prevent cross threading and head splay
Implant Selection
  • Implants available in stainless steel or titanium
  • Polyaxial Screws in numerous sizes (4.0mm-8.5mm)
  • Polyaxial High top screws (4.5mm-7.5mm)
  • Sacral screws (6.5mm & 7.5mm)
  • Uniplanar screws (4.0mm-7.5mm)
  • Monoaxial screws (4.0mm-7.5mm)
  • Iliac bolts
  • 20 hook configurations
  • Comprehensive instrument set
  • Rods are available in pre-cut straight and pre-contoured in stainless steel, titanium alloy and commercially pure titanium
  • Long deformity rods in Stainless Steel, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, and High Strength Stainless Steel
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1 March 2013
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