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Perfect anatomical design for optimim stability.
The Samarys™ anterior cervical cage is a surgical implant indicated for cervical arthrodesis via anterior approach,designed to achieve bone fusion from C3 to C7 levels.
Optimised fusion
Wide open design to optimize graft area and
to enhance bone fusion.
Excellent stability
Inferior and superior teeth on surface designed
to prevent migration.
Original design to maximize contact with the cortical parts of the vertebral endplates for optimum primary stability.
Anatomical shape / Reinforced security
Biconvexity in the frontal and sagittal planes designed to fit to the intersomatic space.
Various footprints and heights designed to adapt to any morphology, restore interbody height and preserve cervical lordosis.
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1 March 2013
We will be exhibiting at THE SOUTH AFRICAN SPINE SOCIETY (SASS) - 13th Congress from
6-8 June 2013
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