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Products - PCB Evulution™
2-in-1 Hybrid Cervical plate-cage.
The PCB Evolution™ allows disc height restoration by an anterior fixation and the radiotransparent cage permits a perfect visualisation of cervical interbody fusion.
2-in-1 system
  • Integrated plate-cage for a secured system
  • Easy and fast insertion
  • Optimal fixation of the spinal segment
Operative time saving
Rapid and simplified identification of the available sizes thanks to color code
Hybrid implant
Titanium plate for a better mechanical resistance
Titanium TA6V ELI gives excellent biomechanical properties and allows scanner and MRI investigations
Radiotransparent PEEK cage to allow accurate fusion follow-up.
PEEK is a biocompatible polymer which presents a modulus of elasticity close to that of cortical bone,therefore enhancing bone growth
Anatomical shape
Pre-lordosed low-profile plate to minimize stress upon fixation screws
Cage height to ensure the restoration of the intervertebral space
Immediate stability
Stabilisation plate to prevent the pull-out of the cage
Multi-level implantation
Asymmetrical shape to combine several plate-cages in multi-segment arthrodesis
Optimized fusion
Large graft surface to enhance bone fusion
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1 March 2013
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