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Cervical Disc Prosthesis
Discocerv™ the evolution of the Cervidisc cervical disc prosthesis
Operating time saving
Color coding to optimize instruments identification according to the size of the prosthesis
Optimized design
Convex upper and lower plates to comply with the anatomical curvature of the disc space
The plates are made from titanium TA6V ELI which gives the prosthesis excellent mechanical and biomechanical properties
The superior ceramic part (convex) is made from alumina and the inferior part (concave) from zirconia giving excellent wear resistance in the long term
Angulation of 9° in the sagittal and coronal planes to preserve the physiological amplitude of a normal disc
Bi-directional grooves to avoid antero-posterior and lateral migration of the titanium plates
Controlled movement
Perfect joining of the inferior and superior ceramic parts so as to facilitate prosthesis mobility
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1 March 2013
We will be exhibiting at THE SOUTH AFRICAN SPINE SOCIETY (SASS) - 13th Congress from
6-8 June 2013
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